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To become an employer with the Languages at Work program employers:

  • Must offer a meaningful work experience;
  • Must hire a young student from another part of Canada who is already in the Explore program;
  • Must offer guidance and orientation;
  • For placements of six to eight weeks, must be able to pay the student’s salary and the wage increase before receiving the YCW contribution.
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Four reasons to hire from Languages at Work

  • Wage subsidy
    Languages at Work financially assists employers to create employment opportunities for young Canadians. The subsidy will cover 60% of the provincial minimum wage + employer’s mandatory costs (EI, CPP, vacation pay, etc.) In some cases, the student may also be entitled to receive an additional salary increase of $1.00 (subsidized at 60%), and/or an additional salary indexation of $1.35 per hour (subsidized at 100%).
  • We supply the candidates
    We pre-screen candidates, so you have access to a pool of motivated, bilingual youth.
  • Learn about a different region of Canada
    Our candidates are from all over Canada, and bring diverse perspectives and experience to the workplace.
  • Some candidates return
    Many students in Languages at Work are open-minded, adventurous youth who want to travel. Working with them on a short-term basis is a low-risk way to find star seasonal employees to hire each summer (at your expense).
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What our employers are saying

Patricia Thomson

We decided to participate in the program because we realized that with the financial support that came with it, we could support a student, but it would also allow us to support our own projects and programs with extra capacity.

Patricia Thomson, Executive Director of Stanley Park Ecology Society

For more information on how to sign up, contact the Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française at the following:


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